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Paignton Community Hospital – Coverdale Ward 
21st June 2013 

In addition to the high standards of cleaning already provided at Paignton Hospital, staff are preparing to deep clean the hospital’s Coverdale Ward.   

As part of this process the inpatients ward will be temporarily closed to new admissions and the beds unoccupied. This will allow the staff to clean the ward thoroughly by taking the radiators off the wall, cleaning ventilation systems and empting and cleaning storage areas.  

All the other services at Paignton Hospital including the minor injuries unit and the outpatient services will continue to operate as normal.  

To ensure patients continue to benefit from the high quality care provided at Paignton’s Coverdale Ward, the team will temporarily move to Torbay Hospital’s Warrington Ward. There are no existing patients in the Coverdale Ward who need to be transferred.  

The Coverdale Ward will reopen in July once the work has been completed.   

Jane Viner, Director of Professional Practice at Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust, said: “Every year we undertake a programme of deep cleaning in our hospitals. We know that this method is an effective way of managing bugs such as Norovirus. By temporarily relocating the Coverdale Ward we know we can do the work as thoroughly as possible.  

“It is important to point out that Norovirus can be found throughout the community at large and when brought into a hospital environment can be particularly challenging because of the vulnerable condition of many patients. 

“I want to forewarn patients, their family, friends or visitors that during this period it will be necessary to keep the Coverdale Ward closed to new admissions. Instead the team will relocate to Torbay Hospital’s Warrington Ward where patients will be admitted instead.   

“I want to take this opportunity to stress that the rest of the hospital including the minor injuries unit and outpatient services will remain open as normal.  

“Our staff will do all they can to minimise any disruption during this cleaning programme and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience it may cause.”